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Information and telecommunication technology are now a very strategic industry for a country. We still remember how US and China was in Trade Wars and one of the causes is a presumption of data information stealing from one of the producers. The Trade Wars between these two countries expanded to telecommunication industry, and the other party countered it by stopping the Rare Earth sales. We can also see how the competition of being the most supremacy from both countries in technology took over semiconductor, this is known as “Chip Wars”. When the world is supported by information technology and get more depended on it, then a country who takes over information technology will also take over the economy. Inthis industry, SGI Logistics has been trusted to import goods for building the Palapa Ring Paket Tengah that was built by PT. Len Telekomunikasi Indonesia. SGI is always there to support and become the best partner for your projects in this industry.

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