PT Strategis Global Industri (SGI Logistics, also well-known as 561) is an international freight forwarder that has specialization on strategic industry in Indonesia.

Strategic industry is an important industry for a country and rules the lives of many people and increases or brings a strategic natural resource added value. It can also be related to national defence and security in the context of implementing the duties of the government.

Executing an import and export shipping of strategic industrial goods requires a special expertise as well as a great trust from the stakeholders. SGI Logistics was established specifically for those needs and becoming the leading logistic company in the industry. With all our resources, knowledge, expertise, and experiences, SGI Logistics is ready to support your high-value strategic projects with ease.


Military & Defence

We have a close and proven partnerships with carefully selected carriers and subcontractors who are
experienced in handling highly sensitive goods.


Our experience in handling shipments
from major airlines companies and
military aircraft has given us a very
critical knowledge.

Renewable Energy

To keep our Energy Security and decrease the dependency of fossils
energy, the need to benefit from Renewable Energy is inevitable and
keep increasing

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas (fossils energy) industry is a very strategical
industry for Indonesia.

Food Fisheries & Agriculture

Food Security is one of the most strategic element for a country

Transportation Systems

Infrastructure projects that were initiated by the government
were a blessing for SGI Logistics.

Telecomunications & IT

Information and telecommunication technology are now a very strategic industry for a country

Repair-Return, Demo & Exhibition Logistics

Information and telecommunication technology are now a very strategic industry for a country

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