We have a close and proven partnerships with carefully selected carriers and subcontractors who are
experienced in handling highly sensitive goods. We take great care to comply with all special requirements,
transit permissions and end-user stipulations. We also have every permit and license required to handle goods
in this sector.


Our experience in handling shipments
from major airlines companies and
military aircraft has given us a very
critical knowledge. We learned how to
manage a super sensitive shipment for
the aerospace industry, including the
AOG service, that requires a guaranteed
short-time delivery from and to
anywhere in the world. Our expertise in
managing a precise and guaranteed
lead-time is the key success factor for
this industry.

Renewable Energy

To keep our Energy Security and decrease the dependency of fossils
energy, the need to benefit from Renewable Energy is inevitable and
keep increasing. With the increase of technology importation and
renewable-energy power plant components, SGI was trusted to send the
Solar Module from UK to East Java. We also has sent components for
building a national electrical motorcycle, Gesits, from China to the
factory in West Java. By the support of the government, we are given the
facilitation such as customs and taxes that we have learned before, and
we know it will be beneficial for your next projects.


Oil and gas (fossils energy) industry is a very strategical
industry for Indonesia. SGI Logistics is experienced for it and
ready to help your projects by maximizing our knowledge
and experience in this industry by taking the benefit of the
customs and other facilities that the government has given
to this industry.


Food Security is one of the most strategic element for a country. When a
country is not self-sufficient, the government will open a way for
imported goods to fulfil their people needs. Not only finished goods, but
also derivatives such as fertilizer, agricultural machinery, raw materials,
additives, agriculture products, and many more were imported. Most
countries set a high security and requirements for agriculture, fisheries,
and food imports. SGI Logistics has been trained to handle the export
and import process in this industry. Rush Handling, Phytosanitary,
Quarantine, etc. are our daily routine.


Infrastructure projects that were initiated by the government
were a blessing for SGI Logistics. Our customers were trusted
in handling a National Strategic Project or Proyek Strategis
Nasional (PSN) including massive transportation system. Our
team has contributed in the import process for
Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Skytrain, LRT
Palembang, LRT Kelapa Gading, and also Jabodetabek and
East Java Train Track Revitalization. We are not only
experienced in handling the little parts, but also the main
components, wagon, up to lifting them to the railway on the


Information and telecommunication technology are now a very strategic industry for a country. We still remember how US and China was in Trade Wars and one of the causes is a presumption of data information stealing from one of the producers. The Trade Wars between these two countries expanded to telecommunication industry, and the other party countered it by stopping the Rare Earth sales. We can also see how the competition of being the most supremacy from both countries in technology took over semiconductor, this is known as “Chip Wars”.

When the world is supported by information technology and get more depended on it, then a country who takes over information
technology will also take over the economy. Inthis industry, SGI Logistics has been trusted to import goods for building the Palapa Ring Paket Tengah that was built by PT. Len Telekomunikasi Indonesia. SGI is always there to support and become the best partner for your projects in this industry.


We are ready to support your institutional need for product demo and exhibition with our expertise as well as the work of repair-return (temporary export/import) of high technology goods which need a special treatment in terms of customs. SGI Logistics will do this efficiently.