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The Difference between General Cargo and Special Cargo

The Difference between General Cargo and Special Cargo, When it comes to importing or exporting goods, there are two main types of cargo:

While they may appear similar at first glance, there are some significant differences between the two that are important to understand.

General cargo is the term used to refer to goods that are packaged in standard-sized containers and can be easily loaded onto and transported by various types of cargo ships. This type of cargo includes items such as consumer goods, clothing, and electronics. General cargo is typically shipped in large quantities and is loaded onto ships using cranes or other equipment.

On the other hand, special cargo refers to goods that require special handling or equipment to transport. This can include oversized or overweight items such as machinery, vehicles, or construction materials. Special cargo may also include hazardous materials or live animals, which require specialized containers and handling procedures.

It is mainly determined by the type and function of the goods being transported. General cargo is typically more straightforward and can be shipped in standard-sized containers, while special cargo requires specialized handling and equipment due to its size, weight, or nature.

In conclusion, while general cargo and special cargo may appear similar at first glance, thereĀ are significant differences between the two. Understanding the distinction between the two types of cargo is crucial for businesses that import or export goods to ensure that their shipments are properly packaged and transported. It is important to choose the appropriate cargo type to ensure that the goods are shipped safely and efficiently.